Have you ever edited a page, but wanted it showing in the top-bar, was there an edit you have wanted to do, but can't becuase it would need admin-powers or have you ever wanted a guide for something which someone other should write down?

Well; Hello to the page where all these wishes can be come true. The wiki-admins will take a look at the proposal and aprove or deny it(for admin related things) and normal Contributers can take a look at the page for Ideas to write.

Leave your suggestion here, like this example. Edit this page to add a proposals or write a comment.

Page creation guide

Please add a page where I can look at How to create a page/category and How I can put them in-to Other Categorys.

From: Unknown wiki-user

Sitemap of a category

Please look after a plugin/option which changes the current "category drop-down boxes", so that sites which are connected to the category will be shown too - not only "subcategories". Now the only way to list up all sites within categories is to write a sitemap on it's own.

From: Lachrymology

members of pages

ab ability that would only allow certain people to look at certain pages. like a whitelist. would be helpful for secret organizations.

From: Rozz :)

add you suggestion here.