List of all the Warps and Where They Lead

/uspawn : Takes you to the medieval universe spawn, Regalia
/warp Regalia
/warp Medieval

/spawn : Takes you to the spawn of the world you are in.

/warp hub : Takes you to the multiverse hub where new players spawn and other universers are connected to

/warp info : Leads to a information universe which lists most of the features/rules of the server.

/warp minigame: Takes you to the mini game universe where there are portals to PvP arenas and CTF arenas.
/warp minigames
/warp mg
/warp warhub

/warp nether : A nether portal in Regalia, which will lead to the nether called Gana-Isha.
/warp Gana-Isha

All pictures of the warp targets