Faction Rapture
Race Human
Profession Guardian
Vampire No


Age 15
Gender Male
Torkeels House

Im Niki and this is my story. My mom died 3 months after i was born. A dark creature killed her. My father learned me all he knows about survival, how to defend myself and.... to kill. We were tracking down this creature all my life but then one day an group of vampries came out from nowhere and attacked us. We started running through the dark forest and just before one vampire caught me, then I somehow arrived at Rapture. There was a strange guy in light diamond armour. I was afraid and mostly confused. That was the last time i saw my dad. The strange guy invited me to his city surrounded by water. The city was full of nice people and also well protected. This guy gave me food and a house, he told me that he saved my life but he wasnt strong enough to save my dad in same time as me. His name was John the mighty Samurai! And i owe my life to him. I changed my name to Torkeel so nobody try to find me and kill me. And now im here defending the people of Rapture helping and sharing kindness.