The Warp

Gana-isha (the new nether) is a mystical place. Gana-isha is a place where alchemists grow and harvest their Netherwarts. Blaze spawners also are there, providing players with an easy way to harvest .

How to get there:

Currently, there are two ways to access Gana-isha:

  • Using the /warp nether in-game command will teleport your character to a large Nether portal that will lead you directly to a safezone within the realm itself.
    • Note that user-built Nether portals are deactivated and thus will not work on the server; don't waste your time and obsidian on making them!
  • The other way to access it is by going to the Regalian Academy (the building directly in front of /uspawn), turning right and going down the steps. You will then come to the portal to Gana-isha.

The recommended way of getting there is the first way, using /warp nether.


  • Though seemingly in an unknown underground space, the /warp nether portal is actually located under the Regalian Academy.