Stormblade Ruins

(Author's Note: This is written from my perspective as a wandering scholar/journalist. As a result, it focuses litte on the old faction and more so on the collapsing ruins as a neutral party would perceive them).

Bizarre Statue of Stormblades

A bizarre piece of architecture still standing in the area

The connecting road between Magenta-Silver Edge and Sentinel-Farmlands is dotted with the remains of decaying civilizations. While many of them are unnamed or miniscule in size, there is one dominating landmark along the route: The remnants of the Stormblades. Historical records date the faction as being quite old, and the only recent residents have been wandering brigands and vagrants seekning to uncover abandoned fortunes beneath the decaying structures.
Castle of Stormblades

Castle Stormblade on a rainy day

Across what would have at one point been the city's outskirts, there are several buildings in various stages of decay. Some, like the bizarre hodge-podge seen above, seem to indicate that the city's original creators had a penchant for the esoteric. The city's hinterland is also home to the Ugliest Building in Ceardia and the Unknown Monument. The precense of these structures serves only to bolster scholar's concepts of the region.

The most prominent structure is the castle town, which houses not only a keep but an array of homes and buildings. Beneath the streets of Castle Stormblade, one can find numerous tunnels and caverns. Earlier expeditions found caskets, which may reveal a heavy vampire precense in the old city-state. Within the walls of the castle, the houses are in various states of decomposition: Smashed windows, uneven foundations, and
Houses of Stormblades

Some surprisingly well-preserved homes

collapsed sections. The buildings that still stand reveal a very simple design scheme, implying that the builders may have been strapped for supplies. The harsh desert that surrounds the region has for long been devoid of materials, and its quite possible this deficiency predates this society's rise and fall. Despite the inevitable decline of this desert society, there are some rather interesting structures that deserve the interests of any traveling scholars of explorers. The twisting caves may still house vampires that have long since become feral (a few travelers have been reported missing after scrounging around beneath the city
Faction Hall of Stormblades

Strange buildings abound.

. Others, they say, have suffered terrible deaths by falling into sink holes in the city or exploring a tower and rounding a corner that ends in a 200-foot plunge. With buildings like the tall one pictured to the right, it's no doubt that silly travelers can meet their death in this bizarre, dilapidated city.

If you find yourself traveling through the area, you should heed the insight of those before you. For the most part, the town has been picked to the bones of any valuables so don't expect to find any treasures. All that remains is the warped remnants of a dead society casting a heavy shadow over the desert.