Chief Admiral, Samurai Jack, has declared a State of Emergency for Rapture.
Enderman by pikishi-d45i4zs

State of Emergency

Over the weekend, Ceardia's beloved deity, Cayorion, accompanied by his Counsel of Elders, made a surprise visit to some of Rapture's most prized technological creations. Suspicions were aroused when Cayorion deemed the balance of Ceardia's Atherial Energy (the processing power of Berit, our new server) was being heavily strained. In a hasty decision to alleviate the strain, Cayorion declared a drastic change in the Laws of Nature. The new law states that spawners shall never spawn more than ten mobs into Ceardia.
As a result of this curse, Rapture's very lifeblood has been forced onto life support. The Admiral does not wish to upset the Deity unnecessarily to the point of additional curses, but he would like to encourage all members to voice their disconnect directly to Cayorion, at the email address

Samurai Jacked 18:32, February 27, 2012 (UTC)