Faction Bloodshore
Race Human
Profession Redstone Technician
Vampire No


Age 15
Gender Male

SmartrChild is a journeying teenager of many professions, such as Redstone Engineer, merchant, architect, knight, and vampire, just to name a few. He came to Ceardia from his birthplace in the floating city of Cielis, where he quickly made a name for himself using skills picked up from growing up on the streets. SmartrChild made himself known when he appeared on the front cover of the Daily Creeper. A silhouette of him against the moon, jumping across the rooftops of Siver Edge City, appeared under the headline "Who is this mysterious boy?" He was then brought before the mayor ninjabaver for stealing melons from a local merchant. There, the mayor admitted him into the city guard after seeing the boy's prowess with a sword. In the guard, SmartrChild frowned upon the simplicity of the defense mechanisms, and designed one of the most advanced machines of the time, a motorized gate which would later be called a portcullis.