This is a basic overview of the in-game money which MassiveCraft currently uses.



1 Silver is 100 coppers. Silver is in whole numbers, which makes it a lot easier to understand. Silver also defines how rich you are. The more silver, the richer you happen to be. Silver is kind of hard to come by, so if you get a lot, spend it wisely.


Copper is like silver, but is in decimal numbers. Every 100 copper you collect, that 100 copper turns into 1 silver. An easy way to get silver is to kill mobs, which will give you anywhere between 0 to 10 copper. Premium users get two times the copper for killing mobs.


Some commands related to silver are below:

  • /money - Checks how much money you have.
  • /money pay [player] [amount] - Sends the player the amount of money specified (careful ! The amount is in SILVER. If you want to pay another player 50 copper, then the amount should be "0.5").
  • /f money b(balance)- Shows the money your faction has.
  • /f money d(deposit) - Deposits the amount of money specified into the faction bank.
  • /f money w(withdraw) - Withdraws the amount of money specified from the faction bank.
  • /money balance [player] - Checks how much money that player has. *premium only*.

See A Guide to Silver for more information.