Sentinels-Farmlands Road

The Sentinels-Farmlands Road was constructed by PiperJ in an effort to further develop trade between the Farmlands and Eisenhardt (the Sentinel Knights' town). Unlike the Silver Edge-Magenta Road, Sentinels-Farmlands is shorter and a much straighter shot.
Sentinels Farmlands Road

View of the Sentinels-Farmlands Road from Eisenhardt

The route exits the southern gate of Eisenhardt and passes through the nearby mountain chain. The tunnel should be illuminated to prevent any incidents of crime or monster assaults from occuring, but with any road through the wilds, it is recommended that you prepare ahead of time for any alteractions.

Once you've made it through the mountain tunnel, the traveler will be presented with a vast desert that spans most of the road's length. At one point, the road will branch, with one route continuing to the west and the other extending to the south. The southern branch (Name Undecided) connects to the Silver Edge-Magenta Road, although at this time construction through the Empirica lands has been stalled. There are plans to construct a rest stop at the branch, but the lack of enforceable protection in the wilds has also stalled out that plan.

Nevertheless, those venturing onward to Farmlands should continue west on the road, through the remains of an old swamp that has seen much better days.
Sentinels Farmlands Road at Desert

The branch

The road then wraps up around a small bay that borders the Farmlands, and from there, it crosses over to Farmlands. To the norht of the road, the remnants of the old Castillo fortress-town can be seen and explored. While they are in decent shape now, time is never kind to any abandoned fortress or town.

Take care when crossing the clear cut taiga that borders Farmlands, the road is often lost beneath the large piles of snow that build up.