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Sanctuary (location of evil altar)
Difficulty *** Major
Location x,y,z: 1520, 32, -2130
Start Date: January 2012
Completion Date:
Architect: open
Engineers: Samurai Jack



An evil sanctuary to be located below ground in a large cavern. Structure to contain the Evil Altar. Location to be under Umbral Tower and connected to sewer system. This project will require a significant amount of excavation below ground. Cavern to be spherical in shape and size to be in range of 2 to 4 chunks (32 to 64 blocks) in diameter. Picture hanging glowstone lights, lava pool, fire, etc.

Resource Allocation

Resource Request Resource Offer
Samurai Jack



Before construction begins, excavation needs to be done. Goal is to dig underground sphere, perhaps wider on the sides, 32-62 blocks in size. Ready your pickaxes and shovels!


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