Rocket (rocketfuel501)

Rocketfuel501 with dog and house

Benjhaiman Rocqueyte (rocket) was born during the war between the Ender-Elves and the Enderdragons. He was seperated from his parents at the age of 5 during the seige of Erindael. He was sent through the portal to live with the overworld elves in Caerdia. When he was 15, his native world, The End, was destroyed by the Admins to prevent the seige of the overworld by the Enderdragons. Although he hadn't seen them for 10 years he was destraught by the destruction of his home world as it meant the death of his parents. At the age of 16 he left the small elven hamlet he was raised in to go to a city known as Silveredge and start a new life on his own. He went first to a castle known as the Farmlands. After building a house and starting a small farm he was unexpectedly dragged out of the castle and left in the wilderness. After a long journey Ben came across a castle between the desert and the forest. He was accepted kindly and given materials to build a house. He gained more knowledge of the Sentinels and the castle as he lived and worked there. After bringing a friend, Zen, to the castle he chose to become a vampire. Ben likes to Parkour, build, and go on the hunt for blazes and other such rare creatures.

Faction Sentinels
Race Ender-Elf
Profession Alchemy


Location California
Age 16
Gender Male
Vampire Yes