RisingSun was made by the late Rainsman, many centuries ago. Rainsman's people moved to the cozy deserts of Aloria from the great Land of Notch long ago, and here, the Great Rain God directed his subjects to make a grand temple to honor him. Many years and countless hours of work passed when the temple started to near completion. Many had said it couldn't be done, but Aegyptus was scheduled to be finished within the month. The last obstacle in their path had been a mysterious tomb one of his subjects had discovered buried deep within a nearby mountain, and it's contents were being extracted day by day. Some thought the tomb should be left where it was, as there were rumors of a strange energy emanating from within it. RisingSun were dedicated in their task, however, and refused to be stopped by a mere "strange energy". This ignorance nearly was their downfall, it seems, as a few days into the excavation, a string of freak accidents swept through Aegyptus, killing most of Rainsman's followers and forcing the survivors to abandon the project and move elsewhere, lest they all be killed. As for Rainsman, some say that he was killed in the series of unnatural events, even his body was never found. Others have heard rumors that he still lives on, searching the lands of Ceardia for his lost followers.