Step by Step on How to Join

1.) Read all the rules (listed below)

2.) Explore the page a little and make sure this is the right faction for you.

3.) Try exploring some of our member's pages. (remember, these are roleplay)

4.) PM one of our officers or leave a comment on their page asking to join. We will ask you a series of questions including if you read this.

NOTE: When an officer asks you if you have, say TOY BOAT and we'll know you have.

5.) After you spend a few days in the faction you'll become an offical member.

6.) Put your name on the Members page.


1.) No griefing or stealing. These will result in an insta-kick, and don't say you didn't know this.

2.) Respect all officers and people of higher rank than you.

3.) Don't take part in Global arguments unless they insult RisingSun or its allies.

4.) Don't kill for no reason unless they insult RisingSun or its allies.

5.) Don't do anything else that would negitively affect the faction.

6.) HAVE FUN!!!