The RisingSun history is long, as RisingSun was one of the first factions on the server. The first base of RisingSun was the mighty Aegyptus. For many months RisingSun worked hard on creating this city, and when it was nearing completion a war broke out between Farmlands and RisingSun. The winner of this was thought to be uncertain for many weeks, as both sides had losses, but as evidence surfaced, it became clear that Farmlands had been beat into submission, completely relocating their faction to the opposite end of Aloria. RisingSun came out victorious.

After this war, (and after much celebration and laughter) RisingSun's leader, Rainsman, stepped down and promoted his trusted adviser, Outsiderx2. Many were shocked by this, as Rainsman had been a strong leader throughout RisingSun's past, and his rulings were part of the reason the faction had achieved such greatness. However, Rainsman had other plans and soon left the faction to create TheOldMan. Redsunfight, RisingSun's remaining oldest member, soon left and went on to create the great WhiteLotus. This was the beginning of the transformation from Old RisingSun to New RisingSun.

Outsider led well, but he had been close with Redsunfight, and was feeling the need for change so he joined his old friend with his new ventures. A few other Elders of RisingSun also joined Redsunfight, one had even joined Rainsman, which left Happybob123 and a few more inactive members such as hitman10188 and duke14eight. Outsider, upon leaving, promoted the only remaining active Elder, Happybob123.

Happybob has lead RisingSun ever since, but moved out of Aegyptus after a month, saying, "It doesn't feel right to be ruling in another man's castle". Grabbing their possesions, what remained of RisingSun moved the faction to outside the Empire's Serenums old base to become a sucsesful farming and gathering faction, but after a short fight with their leader Darkfeather they discided to never again be ruled by a opressive leader. This started a ideal change in the RisingSun faction, they where once powerful then they where crushed by heavy losses and needed to have some time to get on there feet. They where once again destined to become a powerful faction.

After a short time of looking for a place to continue to rule from, Happybob123 was given a run-down town by MandM97 which was given to him by the the long inactive Rufuz **check name**. With the help of some close freinds, they fixed it up and started a new chapter in the faction's history.

Two months later, when happybob123 had massed a group of people that he can trust, the new continent of Deandroc was found, this was the perfect opportunity to start off anew as they had done so many months ago. This home was smaller then all the rest of them but the only major difference was that the members built it all on their own. The main building was also turned in too happy's home which he built underground. This building is surrounded by the officer’s houses and a wall where the commoners can come and take refuge if there is ever a raid. Even though we are a small faction, we are powerful because members trust other member fully. </span>


RisingSun has had some victories in the resent past. The most important was the compleat distruction of the weak empire Varden, with the help of a network of spys and carefull position of portal gates, and with the help of close allys, HamChesse Redsunfight and a few others, RisingSun and her allies forced Varden in to compleatly disbannding and abandining their old base.