The Maelstrom Flag

Chapter One

The founding members of the city of Rapture hail from the distant world of Eorzea, a land of city states united together in a furious defense against the invading armies of the Garlean Empire from the north.

Commanding the Crimson Fleet of the Maelstrom Navy, Samurai Jack's sole mission was the prevention of an amphibious assult onto the mainland of Eorzea by the Garlean Navy. With great success, the naval campiagn stalled the Garlean advance.

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Unable to penetrate the defenses in Eorzea, the Garlean Empire concocted a catastrophic scheme. By harnessing the power of aetheryte crystals, the Empire was able to summon Dalamud, Eorzea's smaller moon, as a meteor. The Garlean Empire coordinated their full invasion to follow in the wake of the meteor's impact.
In the waning moments of the 7th Umbral Era, as the meteor burned through the skies of Eorzea, the instablity of the aetherial energy created a massive rupture in space and time. The vortex absorbed not only the meteor's impact, but also much of the northern Eorzean continent, redistributing the mass throughout the universe.
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Vanishing without a trace, the Crimson fleet of the Maelstrom Navy had been raptured from Eorzea forever. Now lost and stranded on a strange new world, Samuai Jack and his crew struggle for their survival.


Chapter Two