Piper Juunanagou ("PiperJ")
Faction The Sentinels
Race Human
Profession "Spirit of the People"
Vampire No


Age 23
Gender Male
PiperJ Home

Piper Juunanagou is the late daughter of the previous Sentinel Volksgeist ("Spirit of the People"). In her capacity, she is responsible for ensuring the livelihood of the community and its occupants. She handles all commercial enterprises and is the key force in design and construction within the main city.

Along with Undrask, she is the sole survivor of the war that destroyed the old Sentinel Order. Thrust into Ceardia by her father in an effort to save their lives, the two found themselves as destitutes in a strange and foreign world. Neither had much idea what to do, whether they should live up to their birthrights as Sentinels, start new lives in Ceardia, or live out their lives as idle farmers. For a period, Piper and Undrask lived almost as moles, scrounging in underground caverns as they attempting to gathered the funds to make a presence in the new and untamed wilds of Ceardia. They bided their time, knowing full well that they'd soon be able to claim their birthrights.

Venturing out from the caves, Piper stumbled across the small village of Eisenhardt in the northern wilds of Ceardia. The woman, on the verge of starvation, was welcomed into the small community for a time being, before greed turned the inhabitants against her. In a battle for survival, Piper killed the Chief and drove out the other village elders, banishing them to the wilds. With the remaining villagers, she transformed the town into a small hamlet for the Sentinels. With the arrival of Undrask and additional funds, she oversaw its further transformation as the group consolidated its power and influence.

At present, there are barely any vestiges of the original Eisenhardt. Most of the original buildings have been heavily modified and oftentimes rebuilt by Piper. Small houses still remain to serve as quaint historical markers within the still constantly evolving city.

With Undrask missing in action following a botched mission into the Nether, Piper has been shouldered with the responsibilities of all management duties of the Sentinels. The burden is a heavy one, and if Undrask is truly dead, then this will mean the end of the Hunin line: A bleak day in the history of the Sentinel Knights. Even for someone as strong as Piper, the corpses can only pile so high before the levies are sundered by the weight.