Nightmare is a place where people can fight each other without being at war with their opponent.


Nightmare Arena Outside

The Colosseum

The Nightmare arena is located in the far northern reaches of Ceardia.

How to get here:

It is a long walk, so it has been given a warp point.

Type /warp nightmare and after a few seconds, you will arrive at this arena.

The arena:

Nightmare arena has a huge dome with stands on all sides for spectators. From the stands, the crowd has a clear view of the fight. In the arena, there are 2 archer towers along with several cacti, lava traps, and a pond. Also, due to a glass roof, Vampires will be weakened and eventually burned if trying to fight during daylight hours. This arena was used to host the Gladiators PvP event, and stats about the fights can be found in the arena.

The list:

The fighter with the most wins in the Nightmare arena is: Caker157
Nightmare Arena Inside

Inside the Arena