Monument to the Unknown

Located with the ruins of a once thriving nation-state, this strange monument is kept afloat by some sort of eldritch magicks. What it represents is unknown to even the most affluent and well-studied scholars of Ceardia, Aloria, and Binral.
Monument to the Unknown

Who knows what this bizarre construct represents?

The most accepted hypothesis is that the structure was different at one point, and that intrepid surveyors and academics have broken away pieces of it to peddle on the scientific black market. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that nonsensical foliage has something to do with the origins of this bizzare and other-worldly construct.

Historical Epilogue: As they have stood the test of time and bad weather, there was very lax security around the Monument. This came back to haunt the research crew when, one particularly stormy day, the Monument simply vanished. While the area was surrounded with footprints, a panic-driven expedition of the surrounding ruins revealed no signs of malefactors. It is unknown if the Monument was stolen or if it simply vanished into the ether. All that remains are the many diagrams that scholars continue to mull over to this day.