Master Assassin Bigi
Master Assassin Bigi
Faction Rapture
Race Human
Profession Assassin
Vampire No


Age Unknown
Gender Male
House of Bigi

At the age of 14, Boris's (also known as Bigi) parents were murdered by Templars. He started doing odd jobs for  people, so he make enough money to survive...

After few weeks, he recieved a letter with a strange marking on it. The letter was from his Uncle Alexander.The letter told of how he would one day become an Assassin.A day passed, two men dressed in white, wearing red belt and the symbol , which had been on his Uncle's letter , came.They escorted Bigi to Ceardia, a completely new world.

After years of rigorous training and hardships. Bigi became Master Assassin. Everything was perfect.Suddenly his Uncle fell ill, or so it seemed. In his last days, Alexander told everything Bigi had to know... That there's was Assassin blood in his veins,that his father was an assassin and his father's father, and all his ancestors.

He gave Bigi a bag of books and told him to open them only after he finds a reliable man to help him continue his training.Several days passed before Bigi's uncle passed on.

The brotherhood began falling apart. There was corruption, conflicts. Bigi was forced to leave with a group of men loyal to him. While traveling he had lots of troubles.All of those that had followed him from the now ruined Brotherhood had now perished due to starvation, dehydration , attacks from wild creatures.He was the sole survivor.  

When he thought that all had been lost, Samurai Jack, an experienced warrior, and his friends, Taifune and Cracken helped the assassin... They gave him food, shelter, and most important ,  they returned his honor.Bigi had found the man he had been looking for,. The man who would help Bigi to continue his training to becoming one of the greatest assassins of all time.He opened his bag and investigated all that was contained within. There were many things, but they all used a special cipher. The assassin remembered what his Uncle had taught him and using his Eagle Sense , and with some help from Torkel, they decoded all the books.

Torkel was also experienced Smith and helped him improve his hidden blade, which was in really poor shape. Bigi couldn't understand one thing. The story about the Apple.The Apple was the only thing that could store his memories and knowledge through time for future generations , and also help him become a Mentor. The highest and most prestigious rank in the Brotherhood.

Bigi feel's forever bound to Jack.