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MassiveCraft is a medieval fantasy roleplaying minecraft server and this wiki serves as a tool to express the roleplay element more fully. The MassiveCraft Wiki is the product of the many contributions of the MassiveCraft community. It hasn't been updated in a while, so you might find outdated information on some paged. If you have more current information, feel free to add it to the wiki!

About Wikia

When you create content for the wiki, it is called a Page. To better organize these pages, you add them to a Category. Please make an effort to tag newly created pages into an appropriate category.

Help This Wiki

  • What should I do first?
  • Add your MassiveCraft character to the wiki. Read the Members Section for details.
  • What else can I contribute?
  • Is your faction listed on the wiki? Add it to the Factions Section of the wiki.
  • Have a story to tell? Create a Blog.
  • Want to share an interesting location with the community? Create a page in Ceardia's Points of Interest Section.
  • Don't like the layout? Want to rewrite some content? It's a wiki... you can edit anything and everything!^
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