The Magenta-Silver Edge Road

This road extended north from Silve Edge's outskirts. From there, it extended through the desert, passed the Nether
Northern Exit of Silver Edge City

The northern exit of Silver Edge

Temple, and across the plains to Magenta. At some point, there was a branch in the road that leads north to the Sentinel-Farmlands Road.

The road itself was rather basic in design, but despite the fact that it's made completely out of cobblestone, there are still brainless vagrants who feel the need to occasionally destroy pieces of it. Some believe that there must have been be some sort of undergrond black market for cobblestone, but many just think these people have no lives. If you spotted a broken piece of the road, you should have done your duty to fix it.

Sites to See

When you left Silver Edge, you'd pass numerous landmarks along the way. Your first stop would be the Essentia
Magentas SilverEdge Road at Night

A common site on the M-SE road.

faction, which hosted a number of shops outside the border to peddle goods to travelers venturing into northern Ceardia. Essentia was the only organized faction along the route straight to Magenta, but there were many assorted abandoned and derelict structures along the route that have been ravaged by villains. Be sure that you to do your duty to remove any 'floating trees' you may have see along the way, or you should have plant some fresh saplings. Along your journey, you should have been cautious of traveling at night, for monsters are a commons sight in the wilds. Furthermore, the high number of vagrants may have once encountered also endanger your safety so be certain you're prepared for anything before venturing out of safety.
Magentas Road in Desert

Monsters are a common site at night

Once you make your way out of the desert, you'll spot an abandoned, decaying fortress. Looters have robbed the old structure of any glory it may have once had so don't expect much if you venture off of the road. As you draw closer to Magenta, you should be alert when you pass by an old stone mansion owned by a bunch of individuals calling themselves 'The Vampires.' It's unknown if these individuals are active or simply entombed in the cellars of their home, but all travelers should take heed.

Always remember to pack some food on your journey!

Road to Magenta

The last bit of the road is over the great plains around Magenta