Lukkerdam Mineral Port

While it has since closed its markets to traders across Ceardia, Lukkerdam still maintains serveral of its ancillary
Lukkerdam Mineral Port

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outposts across the continent. One of these is far to the north, where the traders still spend money taking care of their old mineral deposits.

Cofunded by Rapture, the northern outpost borders the town of Eisenhardt. Sentinels are frequent guests to the mines. In earlier times, the Lukkerdam vessels that stopped near the Rapture Lighthouse would be boarded with fresh goods from Eisenhardt, especially when the town's pier was otherwise fully occupied. Despite a decline in trade, the dock near the mines is still perpertually occupied, and the nearby Sentinels-Farmlands trade route has served to breath some life into the small territorial port.

Historical Epilogue: With the collapse of Lukkerdam, the mineral port ceased to function as a waypoint for raw resources between northern Ceardia and the southern islands. After the last crates of coal and ore were sent off for foreign shores, the wharf was sunk into the Bay of Eisenhardt. It was from here that the destructive obsidian tentacles that destroyed Ceardia came from.