Leon Carto. Grand Archon of Letherna.

Leon Carto

The Archon of Letherna leoncarto is a reclusie vampire whom now resides upon the Gray Isle. During the age before the loss of Binral Leon served as an advisor to Itsnickbarry and was trusted to lead and honor Pristina at times of need.

The turning.

Before leoncarto changed into his vampiric state he was a knight in the order of the templars. His mission was to lead the building of the Templar Fortress and to hunt the Vile vampires. Leon was well into his knighthood when the worst befell him....he was stricken with the thing he was sworn to kill....a vampire. At him discovering this he hid from his knight brothers and gathered things to help him survive. Not long after he had gathered a good amount of things the templars were attacked by the vampires and many killed. Leon sharing the blood of the night stalkers was spared and left with nothing but some supplies and a broken knighthood.

The Escape

At the fall of the templars leon ran into the wilds of the lands hoping to escape his past. As he ventured into the dark forests he found to his astonishment a ancient and broken tower. the tower was in ruins and flooded but leon with no other purpose spent along time rebuilding the tower in to his home. Once the tower was rebuilt leon spent his time collecting ancient tomes and the knowlege of the worlds and restoring the books to their former glory.