Kracker Jack
Commander Kracker_Jack
Faction Rapture
Race Highlander (Human)
Profession Crimson Fleet Commander of Maelstrom Navy
Vampire No


New Orleans,USA
Age 13
Gender Male
Kracker Jack on S.S. Kronos

New Paragraph Born in the slums of Downtown Ul'Dah, I was forced to live on my own. At an early age I learned how to steal. I made my food (what little of it we had) by pick pocketing the rich lawyers that were forced to walk through downtown to get to there offices in the high court district, god knows they hated it. New Paragraph When I was eight the Ul'Dah court offices took my mother away from me. She was all I had. "We need her in the work shops.", they told me, "She is needed to make new armor and swords for our troops". And they just leave me to rot. New Paragraph When I was fifteen I had grown wiser and stronger. I was able to get by on my wits and thievery alone. One day someone seemed to have a problem with me. "I've seen you steal from me on more than one occasion and if the guards won't do anything, than I will." New Paragraph "I've never done such a thing," I said, even though it was a complete lie. When he drew his sword, I had my special made diamond sword with a curved tip out in a flash. Apparently he wasn't the only one with a problem because next thing I knew five other men were on me. Luckily my quick hand was able to save my life. Captain Samurai was there and decided to take me under his wing and make me his apprentice. Within a day I had a job that most people worked their entire lives for, but never achieve. New Paragraph Through many years of hard work on his ship in the Crimson fleet, I had ranked up to Commander. The Age of Calm gave way to the 7th Umbral Era and we had been fighting the Garlean Empire for two years, but nothing to prepare us for this. When the vortex tore into the sea, I thought it was a weapon of the Garlean Empire... we all did. We attacked until we realized it was sucking us in. The force that was pulling us much stronger than anything I have ever known. To strong to resist. New Paragraph I believe Captain Samurai Jack understood our fate at the moment. I reserved my energy for the fight inside the tear. The few brave men that followed the Captain and myself have managed to somehow survive the chaotic atherial anomaly. Now we are here in this new world and I won't leave quietly.