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HawkEye is an installed plugin on MassiveCraft. It allows players to track container transactions, lever usages, block changes, etc.

What is HawkEye

HawkEye give you as player and as member or owner of a faction the ability to check for example who griefed your unclaimed wall, who stole the sword from the public chest or when did the new player built their house. You can keep track of the changes in the world or your faction, without leaving any traces of your checkings.

How to use

Simply type in the text console (t) this command: /he tool

Hawkeye display

HawkEye of a container

After that you will hold a dirt block in your hand, which has the ability to show you the logs.
Simply hit (left-lick) i.e. a chest with the dirt block. HawkEye will display all container transactions.

If you place the dirt block (right-click), then it will show you the history of the blocks that were there before.

If there are more than one page, HawkEye needs another command to switch through the pages: /he page 2

Note: You turn the HawkEye off, by typing the command "/he tool" again.
Note: A double chest will have two log files, one for the left and another for the right chest.


HawkEye counts each item twice! You put a stack (+64) dirt into a chest, it will display two stacks (+128)!

Sometimes it happens that HawkEye will display results for a block which never take place! It happens really rare!