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  • What should I do first?
  • Add your MassiveCraft character to the wiki. Read the Members Section for details. When you add yourself, add a RP backround about yourself and make sure to put yourself in the 'members' category
  • What else can I contribute?
  • Is your faction listed on the wiki? Add it to the Factions Section of the wiki.
  • Have a story to tell? Create a Blog.
  • Want to share an interesting location with the community? Create a page in Ceardia's Points of Interest Section.
  • Want to report some theives? or griefers? check out the links.
  • Don't like the layout? Want to rewrite some content? It's a wiki... you can edit anything and everything!^^

MassiveCraft Server

How To Start - Everything you need to get started on Massivecraft!

Server-Rules and Guidelines - Read them. It's important for your gameplay on the server.