Gavinboy Shop


Faction Aldebaria
Race Medieval Warrior and Leader.
Profession Mining, repair, and swords.
Vampire Depends on the day.


O'Fallon, Illinois
Age ?
Gender Male
Aldebaria Embassy

Aldebaria's embassy in SilverEdge

My Story

I first came to this server after 1.1 came out. I was looking for a fun PvP server to play on with some friends. I then found Massivecraft, the best thing that has happened to me in my minecraft life. I have been addicted with this server trying to make a good faction. Starting out in the knights then yggdrasil. After yggdrasil i managed to get enough money to fund for a faction, this is when factions cost 300s. I then created Virtus a factions i just planned for me and my friends. After building some houses and other buildings i began getting requests to from others to join. I accepted many people that were shunned from other factions. After meeting many good allies i then formed an alliance and created Aldebaria. For more information visit the aldebarian page under the factions tab.