The Maelstrom Flag


Leaving the life of piracy behind, Fort Maelstrom welcomes the Ensign who has demonstrated the basic skills necessary to become a member of the 1st Squadron. Fort Maelstrom provides the first opportunity to build under the protection of claimed Faction land. The Ensign is responsible for creating a new Fort or Ship at an approved location to expand the military power of the Rapturian Armada. The Ensign is encouraged to expand their skill power in both combat and gathering.

Requirements for Promotion

  • Reach a McMMO power level of 1000. Type /stats or check at MassiveCraft Highscore.
  • Been a member of Rapture for 2 weeks.
  • Donate 5 Silver to Fort Maelstrom Bank. (Type /money f d 5)
  • Complete the dungeon, tba.
  • Create a new Fort (1 chunk) or Ship (2 chunks) at an approved location.
  • Successfully recruit a new member into the 2nd Squadron at Camp Bloodshore and become their mentor. Read: Mentor Program