The Elves of Dranah

The elves of Dranah joined the City thousands of years ago. The only race settling before them were the dwarves.


Elven sanctuary of Dranah

These elves had not always been living here. Their home used to be thousands of miles away, and the elves had lived in harmony for ages. But one day their village was attacked by brutish humans who stole all they had, killed children and women, and burned down the forest that was their home. In their time of need, they prayed to Mother Earth to lead them to a new home where they could continue once more in peace and harmony. Only a handful of elves managed to get to the last ship floating in their harbor and set the sails.

The Brother Wind carried them away. Their journey took years, supplies were about to run empty, and the elder elves began to feel the Rot because they had gone without the Spring of Life for far too long. Finally, the ship arrived at Dranah, where young and strong dwarves invited them to stay. The dwarves told them about their history, and ultimately expressed that they desired to create a city that would be a sanctuary to all.

The elves joined the dwarves. Mother Earth gave them what they needed; She opened the hills so the elves could fit houses in, and She made trees grow high into the air so that the elves may reside in their treetops. Brother Wind lifted the trees up and is holding them there to this day.

The trees have not aged a day since then, and the oldest of the elves are telling this story to the youngest of their kin, carrying on a tale that spans a millenia.