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This page is out of date and will be updated during the MassiveCleanup of the Dovahkiin Wiki

Here you can find all of Dovahkiin's City Projects! If your ever feeling bored or have some spare time feel free to work on any of these projects!

  • Inner City Walls Finished. Matinence required
  • Dovahkiin Fishing and Farming Village, dubbed the Adelina, requires occupants and more housing, contact CaptainFreezy for more information.
  • The underwater city, located near Dovahkiin. - Postponed, vampires and materials (glass, signs, glowstone and stonebrick) required to finish. - Contact CaptainFreezy for more information.
  • Wall Security - Raiders appear to be capable of entering Dovahkiin, despite the Great Wall of Strida (as coined by CaptainFreezy), a rework of entrances and exits may be required to prevent this. Being checked up.
  • The Dovahkiin Government building requires some touch-up as griefers have raided some important pieces in the building.

If you think of a city project that can be added here feel free to put it on!