<p> Dexeron was raised in Port Victoria by a Maid named Miss. Salieri. As a child he would go on adventures with Joseph5073 and travel to Spawn city every sunday to attend mass at the Cathedral. He had a simple Childhood. Dexeron first started working under SYkO_REAPER117 as a Cabin Boy in Kryta, the trading Company. Then he went on to work as a Knight in Citadel under DarkFeather. This is where Dexeron was Knighted as Dexeron, Knight of Victoria. After leaving Citadel, he travelled the land of Ceardia very far with Joseph5073, creating a new alliance, the Elithians. Dexeron now owns that Alliance, and owns the Elithian Insurance Company, a company that Insures against Factional Griefing. Sir Dexeron - The Knight of Port Victoria

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