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The non-Rp explanation

Dear Massivecraft-users,

This is a role-play server. Here at the wiki you can enjoy the worlds and stories of Massivecraft even if you aren't in-game. Get deeper into our Lore, get intouch with creatures you never met and read stories you have never heard before. This host of knowledge is named by the citizens of massivecraft as the big encyclopdies,  the great book or many different names.

What makes this world fascinating? What do these worlds hold, what are their citizens and what can I expect if I travell there....

Write it down

Here is your chance to write down wonderfull beings, fascinating places, mystical stories and much more. The following Categorys will be written in a RP-style, to keep it fitting. Do add, but never delete. Write down the story you have been in the last weaks, maybe it is interresting for all off us.

Please don't use the Category "Role-play" to categorise your Page. Only do that If you really don't know where it belongs to. Factions should not be categorised with role-play, Characters belong to  (RP) Character and a storie belongs to (Rp) Stories. This are list is not completed, please take a look further down the Category to see all sub-Categorys.

You can add Pages with this crate-box. Please do not delete the (RP).

Enjoy this Category :-)

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