The continent Regalia

Regalia is the spawn of the MassiveCraft medieval universe (The previous spawn was located in SilverEdge, in Ceardia.). Regalia has its own continent in MassiveCraft like Silverwind. It has the city to the north and empty lands on the rest.


Players (not factions) are able to rent a house/stall in Regalia.

Each district (see below), has an Oligarch which rules them. This Oligarch house is usually the biggest building in a district and can be found very easy. Only humans which aren't affected by Vampirism may be an Oligarch. However, If no one knows, no one cares. All Oligarchs come together in a council and decide what should be worked on in the city. There have recently been major reformations of the Regalian Senate that are causing changes to the Oligarchs as well. Details aren't fully known to the public yet.

Region Renting

Before renting a region, be sure to read the rules of the city-

City rules:

  • You may own at most two regions at once.
  • You may own at most one region in the market district.
  • You may own at most one region outside the market district.
  • You may not set up chest shops everywhere.
    They are only allowed in the merchant district.
  • You may not harm other people. (unless you are in a pvp enabled area).
  • You may not create creative gates.

Approximate prices per district:

  • Common: 35 per month
  • Poor: 2 per week
  • Merchant: 80-400 per month
  • Elven: 35 per month
  • High-Elven: 35 per month
  • Undercity: 20 per month

Now you must find a house/shop in your chosen district. Once you have done this, type /buyregion and right click the sign on the building. You will have to renew the rent on your building weekly/monthly or it will no longer be yours and everything inside belonging to you will be gone. These are the commands for buyregion:

Buyregion commands:

  • /buyregion
    toggles buy mode
  • /buyregion renew <region>
    renews rental on <region>
  • /buyregion autorenew
    shows current autorenew status
  • /buyregion autorenew <true/false>
    sets auto-renew for all of the player’s rentals
  • /buyregion help
    shows help screen


The New Regalia

The lovely capital city of Regalia.

  • Harbor District (ships to other continents)
  • Noble District (dwellings of nobility)
  • Elven District (beautiful, elegant housing)
  • Merchant District (shops)
  • Underground city (slums and poor places)


Article from the Daily Creeper. Regalia Empire comes to visit


Regalia is considered to be the most prestigeous Empire on the known world, a rich and powerful empire located on an island by itself. The city trades with valuable goods from distant continents and exotic locations.

Regalia is a deeply religious empire. Everything not worshipping their deity is considered a heretic, and many afflictions to man like vampires are considered evil.

The Regalian Empire is advanced with superiour technology and is famous for being the best ship builders known to man-kind, their fleet surpasses anything seen in any other Empire, and dwarfs the Silveredge fleet in comparison.

It is very rare that the powerful empire take any interest in continents like Ceardia since they consider the people to be uncivilized at best or even barbaric and very few inhabitants of Ceardia have ever seen a ship from the Royal fleet and even fewer have ever visited the great city.

Attacks On Regalia by Mrs. Baver (Work In Progress)

Since the merger of SilverEdge and its empire and The Regalian Empire, the Banshee Mrs. Baver whom has occasionally attacked large events outside of SilverEdge, the attacks taking place outside thanks to a magical dome around the city made by a great wizard, (See the page Mrs. Baver for details) has lead two large attacks on Regalia. Both these attacks were relatively unsuccessful though shocking and some say the few deaths and fires caused by the attacks were outwieghed by the creation of the Crimson Inquisition. However with none of the Magical protection SilverEdge had, some worry that a few knights will not be enough to stop Mrs. Baver forever......

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