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Broken Glass - Potion Shop from outside
Broken Glass - Potion Shop
Difficulty ** Moderate
Location x,y,z: 1600, 64, -2290
Start Date: January 2012
Completion Date: January 2012
Architect: Samurai Jack



Goal is to create an atmosphere of magic. To be located near or under main waterfall at ground level. Suggested building materials: mossy cobblestone, logs, wood, redstone torches, netherrack and fire, cobwebs, brewing stands, cauldrons, furnaces, bookshelves, jackolanterns, vines, etc. Shop to sell potions of all types and possibly buy some ingredients too. Main floor and 1 basement floor for additional chests is recommended.

==Resource Allocation==
Resource Request Resource Offer



Select location of shop and begin excavation of the site.

Using proper building materials, construct Potion Shop.

Stock potion shop with potions available for sale.


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