Blood's Windmill

Named after its chief architect, 'Blood' Baron, Blood's windmill is, without a doubt, the most hideous structure in all
Bloods windmill

The Ugliest Building in all Ceardia

of Ceardia. It is said that the concept came to her after grinding up some enderpearls and snorting them.

Located in the ruins of the old Stormblade's faction, Blood's windmill is a windmill forged out of dirt, which seems to withstand all forces of wind and gravity. It is rumored that a gate to the Here After is buried deep beneath the terrible building, which attracts monsters from all walks of Ceardia. This urban legend was recently debunked by one PiperJ, who found nothing of any value hidden beneath the old windmill.

Historical Epilogue: The windmill stood for the longest time before a new, upstart tribe tore it down to use the foundation for one of their own buildings. Some are happy that the blot on the landscape is gone, while others simply feel a great emptiness inside of them.