Abandoned Fortress Town

The aptly named 'Abandoned Fortress Town' is one of the final stops on the route that connects the Sentinel-
Fortress Town

The Fortress Town as seen by an approaching traveler

Farmlands and Magenta-Silver Edge roads. The settlement is a very broken-down village on the inside of a surprisingly sturdy wall. In a sad way, the walls are more impressive than the stuctures it conceals, which were undoubtedly humble prior to their gradual slip into dedegration. In an attempt to ensure safety for travelers, the road bisects this fort, but even still, the monsters frequently seem to make their way into the interior of the complex. For the traveler making their way down toward the perpendicular road, the fort represents the last stop before Empirica, which at this point has yet to provide amenities to travelers.
Abandoned Fortress Town

Another collapsing town, with torches to prevent monster encroachment.

The collapsing village, which may have at some point provided happy, warm homes to villagers, is a testament to the adage that pretty walls don't ensure a happy civilization. A scholarly look into the history of this desert village seems to indicate that construction of walls may have bankrupted the village and even forced them to cannibalize their own homes in an attempt to maximize security. Unfortunately, this measure failed, and put the residents at risk even further.

Whatever the case may have been, the village now offers only fleeting protectin to travelers.